The Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100: A Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100? Great, we’re here to help you in your search. Let’s know more below!

Gaming is a fun way to pass the time. But do you know what’s not so good? Playing a PC game with a bad keyboard wasn’t made for gaming. A low-quality gaming keyboard may completely disrupt your gaming experience.

That’s why you’re out there looking for a new gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards may be rather expensive. Fortunately, obtaining a high-quality gaming keyboard is feasible even on a short budget.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100 available on the market. We’ve also compiled a handy buyer’s guide and FAQs for you!


5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $100


Razer Cynosis V2 Gaming Keyboard

This best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars, is a wired piece that perfectly suits the user for comfortable gaming. It measures 18.25 x 6.6 x 1.19 inches, utilizes a membrane key switch, and has more software-based keys than any mechanical keyboard. It is also extremely stable and durable, able to withstand up to 80 million clicks.

The keys are extremely quiet and programmable, allowing for key and keypress combinations. This best gaming keyboard for about $100 boasts a spill-resistant construction, as it is a wired keyboard, the only suitable device is a PC, and it lacks a USB connector.

The keyboard has Razer Chroma RGB, which provides dynamic lighting effects, allowing users to configure the keyboard using Razer Synapse hardware. It also provides anti-ghosting and cable routing options for protecting the cable from wear and tear.

Overall, it is a very nice mechanical keyboard with the most significant functions, making it a solid investment for gamers.



  • Backlight is RGB-customizable.
  • Programmable macros.
  • There are many inclination settings available.



  • Switches with mushy rubber domes.
  • Slippery ABS plastic keycaps.

best gaming keyboard under $100


Corsair Wired K60 RGB Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair is one of the biggest and most famous companies for gaming keyboards. Their keyboards are often expensive. However, the Corsair Wired K60 RGB Pro Best Wireless Keyboard is one of their affordable versions with some excellent features. The Corsair Wired K60 RGB Pro Best Wireless Keyboard has mechanical and membrane switches for quick and reliable functioning.

A wrist rest is also included with the keyboard. The wrist rest seems and feels superior while being comfortable. It is attached to the keyboard by magnetic tabs that are more durable than other solutions. The keycaps of this best mechanical gaming keyboard under 100 dollars are also constructed of PBT, which is a nice feature. It translates to better appearance, higher quality, longer durability, and clearer legends.

iCue is one of the most valuable features of the Corsair Wired K60 RGB Pro Best Wireless Keyboard. It allows you to remap the keys, modify the RGB lights, and create macros, allowing total customization. You may also maintain your profile with the keyboard if you change your system. You may retain this keyboard and continue with your current experience.

Overall, for the price, this keyboard is strong, filled with immersive functions, and even looks good. If you are new to gaming, this is the best gaming keyboard under $100.



  • Brushed aluminum top plate
  • Lubricated stabilizers
  • RGB is a colorful and vivid color scheme.
  • Premium appearance and feel



  • There is no built-in memory.

best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars


HyperX Alloy Origins Core Gaming Keyboard

We suggest the HyperX Alloy Origins in Tenkeyless size if you want a strong mechanical gaming keyboard but don’t need a Numpad or other frills. Its low-profile solid aluminum body and doubleshot ABS keycaps are noteworthy features. Because of its excellent quality materials, it can survive the stress of rigorous gaming.

The HyperX Alloy Origins Core is available in 60% and full-size configurations. However, the latter costs more than $100. It features patented mechanical switches that feel and perform similarly to Cherry MX switches. You may choose from HyperX Red, Blue, and Aqua (MX brown clones).

Full RGB lighting with per-key programmability through HyperX’s Ngenuity software rounds out its capabilities. Every key is also macro-programmable, giving you a plethora of gameplay choices. It’s hard to find a better keyboard for gaming that can withstand heavy use than this best mechanical keyboard under 100 dollars.



  • A sturdy chassis.
  • Well-priced.
  • Exclusive switches provide a unique feel.
  • USB-C cord is detachable.



  • NGenuity software may be more user-friendly.

best gaming keyboard for about $100


Logitech G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech G512 is the best gaming keyboard under $100, featuring a contemporary and clean design. It provides unique features, innovative technology, and a comprehensive customization function. The only drawback to this keyboard is that it requires a driver to function. It is the ideal gaming keyboard that gives a balance of performance.

You may have more fun with this keyboard since it has customizable lighting effects and game integration. Inside, you can see the unique RGB Backlighting technology on every key. The total number of backlighting colors seen is 16.8 million. You may have a lot of fun playing games by utilizing this best mechanical keyboard for 100 dollars.

This keyboard has a thin, robust, and quality design that will help you save space on your PC desk. This keyboard has an anodized and brushed finish on the body. You can type quickly on this keyboard, providing an excellent typing and gaming experience.

One of the best aspects of this keyboard is that it delivers gratifying tactile feedback with each press. This keyboard has a tactile bump function upon activation. It is the best keyboard under 100 dollars for typing, and the RGB lights you can see inside are right at your fingers.



  • Excellent Design
  • Quality Construction
  • Braided Cable
  • Passthrough USB



  • Poor Ergonomics

best mechanical gaming keyboard under 100 dollars


SteelSeries Apex 5 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The SteelSeries Apex 5 is the last best mechanical keyboard for 100 dollars on our list. It provides an outstanding combination of typing experience, build quality, aesthetics, and customizability. While several mechanical keyboards share some of the Apex 5’s capabilities, none provide them in one package at this price.

The SteelSeries Apex 5 keyboard boasts an aluminum top plate with doubleshot ABS keycaps, making it sturdy and solid to type on.

Aside from the build quality, our favorite feature of the SteelSeries Apex 5 is its media control area. The SteelSeries Apex 5 is the only mechanical keyboard on our list with a volume wheel, an essential feature. Its dedicated media control button lets you stop, play, and skip audio tracks and operate its one-of-a-kind OLED screen.

The OLED panel may be configured to show almost anything. People have used it to display what music is playing, interface with Discord, and even play amusing GIFs.

Finally, the SteelSeries Apex 5 boasts full RGB illumination, customizable macro capabilities for each key, and a magnetic removable wrist rest. As previously said, this device is feature-rich and provides excellent value for money.



  • Outstanding construction quality.
  • Good typing proficiency.
  • Excellent software support.
  • Macro-programmable keys.



  • Latency is high.

best keyboard under 100 dollars


Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100 – Buying Guide

When you progress from the $50 pricing bracket to the $100 price level, you’ll enjoy more comforts, like PBT keycaps and wireless functionality. Here are the primary things to look for to conduct extra shopping in this price range.


Build Quality

The build quality of a keyboard influences its lifespan, typing, and gaming experience.

Keyboards with plastic casings and construction plates seem fragile in hand and bend and shift when typing. For under $100, you can buy gaming keyboards with aluminum and steel construction that boosts sturdiness and typing experience.

We also advise against using PVC keycaps since they often do not withstand high-volume gaming. You’ve probably observed this previously in keycaps that smooth out over time.

Finally, seek keycaps with “double shot” legends, which indicate that the letters are molded rather than printed on. You’ll never have to worry about letter fading.


Wireless Vs. Wired

Sure, the thought of utilizing a wireless keyboard for serious PC gaming may make some of you shiver, but hear us out. Wireless technology has advanced significantly, and you can now play competitive games like CS:GO and Overwatch without worrying about latency from wireless keyboards lowering your MMR.

However, you still need to connect your keyboard to enhance gaming performance. And wired keyboards make more sense for most users who keep their keyboard permanently hooked to their gaming PC. Wireless, on the other hand, makes sense if you travel with your equipment or prefer to switch gadgets. You may also use many wireless keyboards while connected, giving you the best of both worlds.


Membrane Vs. Mechanical Switches

While mechanical key switches are available at this price, you’ll still need to determine whether you want them or can live with the more common rubber domes/membranes, which don’t provide as much tactile feel while typing.

Fortunately, you can select between higher-quality mechanical switches and more intriguing membrane choices like SteelSeries’ hybrid switch or Razer’s “clicky” rubber dome switch. However, giving up mechanical switches will frequently provide extra features like wireless functionality.


RGB And Macro Customization

RGB customization isn’t the most vital aspect of a keyboard’s performance, but who doesn’t like tinkering with their lights and making things seem nice? If RGB is essential to you, you’ll be relieved to find that most keyboards in this price range are full RGB and enable you to modify lighting on a per-key basis.

The software used to program the RGB is the most important consideration here. Some of these graphical user interfaces could be more fantastic. Still, most big-name manufacturers, like Corsair and Razer, offer good software packages that are simple to use.

In this pricing range, macro and per-key customization become the standard.


Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100 – FAQs


How Will You Determine Which Keyboard Is the Best?

If the keyboard is comfortable and lets you type quickly, you’ll know it’s best. Backlighting is also available on the top keyboards, allowing you to see what you’re typing in low-light circumstances.


Are the keycaps on mechanical keyboards universal?

There are numerous additional custom switches and keycaps available. However, they are not compatible with Cherry switches and mounts.


Are membrane keys suitable for gaming?

If the user is used to striking the keys correctly, membrane keys are great for gaming. But mechanical keyboards are far more comfortable and give a better gaming experience. There are also many fewer occurrences of key ghosting.


Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100 – Conclusion

Gaming keyboards may be a valuable tool for every gamer. On the other hand, choosing the best gaming keyboard under $100 might be difficult if you need to know what to search for. Depending on your preference or need, different keyboard functions and kinds may help or hamper you. Consider when and where you’ll be using the keyboard the most. And if the feel, sight, or sound is most important to you.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve determined the features you’d want to see in your new keyboard. We hope with this information, you’ll be able to pick the best gaming keyboard under 100 dollars.

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